How we work with you

We partner with our clients to create contemporary learning solutions designed to improve capability and tackle the critical challenges organisations face today.


Our philosophy


We take a partnership approach. We listen and work alongside you to develop solutions that provide value and deliver results, not just tick boxes.


We build flexibility into everything we do. We customise and create bespoke solutions that are designed and delivered around your needs, not ours.


We believe in a modern approach. Yesterday’s methods won’t cut it, we challenge ourselves to craft solutions that work today, and create success tomorrow.

Our method

We partner with you to develop your workforce and deliver real results both now and into the future.



Understanding your unique needs



Addressing your current challenges



 Future-proofing your workforce


Understanding your unique needs

We take the time to identify skill gaps, understand your unique needs and develop learning strategies aligned to the outcomes you need.

Training Needs Analysis and Skills Assessment

Our learning team can assist your organisation in developing a thorough Training Needs Analysis. We utilise diagnostic tools to identify skill gaps and understand your team’s specific needs, enabling us to develop strategies perfectly aligned with your organisational goals and desired outcomes.

Business Assessments

We understand that your business is unique, and so are its needs. That’s why we work to understand your company’s processes, values, culture, and code of conduct before we make any learning or training solutions.

Connecting our people to yours, we create new learning horizons by understanding the unique challenges and nuances of each and every client.
We get you.



Addressing your current challenges

We create powerful learning experiences that leverage a variety of modern tools and techniques to maximise engagement, retention and impact.

Powerful learning methodologies

We use social learning to make workshops interactive and enjoyable, boosting information retention.
Our focus is on empowering participants through immersive role-plays and expert facilitation, benefiting diverse groups, visual learners, and non-native English speakers.

Flexible delivery model

We work around your work schedules to deliver the solutions you need in the way you need them, whether that’s online, face-to-face or hybrid.

We carefully tailor each session to the group’s unique dynamics and individual preferences, customising activities, role-plays, and discussions, while our organic approach addresses core challenges and specific themes for each group.

We are flexible in approach, designing and delivering custom solutions at scale to help you overcome today’s challenges and see real results.
We work with you.



Future-proofing your workforce

We follow up after your workshops to ensure the solutions delivered have made an impact, and work with you to envision your ideal workforce, exploring new pathways and setting a plan to make that a shared reality.

Guaranteed results

We’re committed to creating real outcomes and providing an impactful learning experience that builds long-term capabilities. Our post-course support and partnership approach guarantees tangible results for your organisation beyond the initial learning solution delivery.

Capability frameworks

We provide capability frameworks to help you recruit the right people, coupled with skills pathways to nurture their ongoing development. Together, we ensure a strategic and informed approach to building your team.

We continue to grow with you, partnering to build your workforce capability and achieve business goals now, and into the future.
We empower you..

Monash IVF Group initially engaged with CCS to facilitate a short session on delivering 5 star customer service... This lead us to a larger project, where in collaboration between Monash IVF Group and CCS, a bespoke training program focusing on customer experience was created and rolled out as train-the-trainer sessions to a group of our employees.


In working with CCS, we were able to develop meaningful, unique and relevant training for our people. We were able to do this in a way that allowed us to have creative control coupled with the expertise from [the CCS Director of Training] himself.

Sarah Johnstone - Learning and Development Lead
Monash IVF Group

Meet the team

Founded by a team of dynamic industry experts, we’ve built our team to prioritise innovation and adaptability, hand-selecting product specialists, skill assessors, and versatile facilitators adept in both face-to-face and digital learning delivery.

Our experts seamlessly integrate technology and tools while leveraging deep knowledge of educational psychology and adult learning principles to deliver high-value learning experiences.

With modern diagnostic tools, tailored learning solutions, adaptable delivery options, and future-focused skills, our team is united in building the capability of today’s workforce to drive results for tomorrow.

Our Group

CCS is an initiative of the CAL Group, proudly working to develop the capability of the modern workforce since 2009.

We work with our accredited training partner, the College for Adult Learning TOID 22228 (CAL) with a shared vision to create holistic learning experiences, blending both standardised VET industry competencies and laser-focused custom training to meet the needs of the modern business landscape.

Why more choose CCS

We’re continually at the forefront of learning and development, creating innovative and timely solutions for our clients.

Every organisation has unique needs and goals. Getting results requires relevant and impactful learning solutions.

That’s where we step in.

Constant innovation

We’re constantly innovating to ensure our training solutions meet the needs of an ever-evolving workforce and labor market.

Customised training

Choose from 85+ laser-focused training modules, or partner with us to design whole-organisation learning and development strategies.

Measurable results

You’ll be able to demonstrate the impact your training has, with trackable, measurable return on investment.

Flexible delivery

With face-to-face, virtual and hybrid formats and a variety of session duration options available, each program can be delivered in a way that works for you.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve partnered with organisations of all sizes across a variety of sectors, including government, councils, healthcare, retail and more. solutions for our clients.

Let's work together

Let us know how we can help you develop your workforce capabilities to conquer today's challenges.

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