Give your direct care team powerful tools for reducing personal exhaustion, improving retention, and providing world-class care to your clients

The tools inside our popular ‘Providing Direct Care The Successful Way’
workshop helps your frontline direct care team members:

  • Better handle stressful care environments
  • Reduce personal exhaustion (which can lead to resignation)
  • Balance the competing needs of both their employer (that’s you) and their clients
  • Be mindful of personal resilience levels
  • And much more
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Is your organisation being held back (or worse) by exhausted or overwhelmed frontline caregivers?

Managing a team of frontline caregivers is not an easy task. Maybe your staff are struggling to meet the demands of your growing organisation, which creates rostering and availability issues (that ultimately impacts client care). Or maybe you’re experiencing resistance or burnout from tired frontline caregivers who are simply not willing to improve their skills (and attitudes).

Whatever the problem, it’s important to give your team the skills to overcome common workplace issues such as:

  • Frontline carers demonstrating low personal resilience management, which leads to a downturn in morale and burnout, and ultimately ends up with resignation 
  • Frontline carers not utilising their skills and competencies to their maximum potential, which increases organisational costs and reduces profitability
  • Frontline carers demonstrating low personal productivity and accountability, particularly when working remotely, which creates deeper and more complex organisational problems (including less compassionate care for clients)
  • A breakdown in communication between carers, clients, and/or management (or an increase in toxic communication), resulting in a decline in care levels and business profitability
  • Frontline carers being unable to balance the often conflicting demands of their clients and their employer

Many leaders of direct care organisations experience similar challenges. That’s why we’ve developed this unique workshop to help your frontline caregivers maintain personal resilience levels, improve their skills and provide professional, compassionate care to your clients.

The tools in this workshop will give your frontline caregivers the skills to:

  • Identify the causes of positive and negative workplace emotions amongst themselves and others
  • Find (or re-find) their purpose as a professional caregiver, and provide exceptional client satisfaction
  • Deeply understand the dynamics between the “direct care relationship pyramid” (employer, client, and caregiver) and implement strategies to create harmony between all three
  • Manage conflicting schedules, demanding clients, and personal resilience levels (and have the energy to wake up and do it all again tomorrow)
  • Exercise mindfulness, empathy, and emotional intelligence when working with all types of clients, and being able to identify and respect client/customer differences
  • Provide industry-leading, empathetic, compassionate care to your clients (even in gruelling, high pressure situations), resulting in a competitive commercial reputation for your organisation

Workshop Information

This popular workshop is called ‘Providing Direct Care The Successful Way’ and it is designed for:

  • Practitioners and frontline staff in the health, aged care, disability and Local Government sectors who work closely (often one on one) with people.
  • People who provide direct services in health, aged care, disability, early childhood and personal care.
  • Individuals looking to gain more satisfaction in the workplace and achieve their purpose.

Quick-facts about this workshop:

  • Live Face to Face, Virtual or Hybrid delivery method.
  • Delivered via power sessions, half-day, 1-day, or coaching.
  • Workshop content can be modified to include your unique systems and processes, values, culture, and code of conduct.
  • Our facilitators have real-world expertise and come highly recommended in their areas of expertise.
  • Attendees receive a Certificate of Achievement to acknowledge their professional development journey.
  • This workshop is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.
  • Download the workshop descriptor by clicking here.

This “Providing Direct Care The Successful Way” workshop gives your teams the tools they need to stay resilient and motivated

  • Designed for live, remote, or hybrid learning:

    Unlike traditional courses that are merely repurposed for an online environment, this workshop is specially designed for virtual and hybrid learning, and facilitated by experienced digital trainers to maximise education and engagement.

  • Customised Content:

    While other training providers offer general, off-the-shelf content, we take time to understand your unique needs and provide customised, adaptive training that integrates your company’s processes, values, culture, and code of conduct.

  • Interactive Learning:

    Our social learning activities maximise engagement and knowledge uptake and can even be based on live scenarios in your workplace.

  • Offerings Flexible to Fit Your Schedule

    Our adaptive and efficient training fits in with your schedule, so training doesn’t get in the way of your team’s productivity.

  • Guaranteed Results:

    We provide post-course follow-up to ensure maximum retention and implementation of knowledge for guaranteed results.

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