Providing Direct Care the Successful Way


Practical Strategies and Solutions to Deliver Exemplary Service in a Modern Care Role.

  • How do you give exceptional, empathetic care while maintaining a productive and efficient work schedule?
  • How well do you balance the needs of your employer with those of your client while maintaining a healthy and effective work/life balance?
  • Can you successfully juggle the unique relationship pyramid so critical for successful Direct Care in Australia today?

The challenge of Direct Care in the current health sector is enormous and complex with the many issues related to remote work and for the interpersonal skills needed to relate in a positive and effective way with clients, patients and other care givers.

Direct Care in Australia today is unique as it involves management, the employee and the customer who are intricately linked and dependant on one another. This tension can result in career fulfilment and satisfaction when handled well but if not, it can also translate into stress, conflict, and pressure.

This course focusses on personal productivity and ensuring the relationship pyramid is effective, efficient and empathetic. It will also explore ways to achieve fulfilment and satisfaction whilst avoiding and/or handling the more negative feelings.

The course will give participants the skills they need to work with efficiency and maintain productivity. This ensures the personal and caring aspects of the service remain upfront, leaving the client positive and satisfied with the services provided. It will provide a range of practical strategies, techniques and tips to assist participants to more effectively manage the relationship pyramid as well as achieve individual goals and maintain a flexible and positive work outlook.

COURSE FACILITATORS: This course is designed and delivered by two well-known sector professionals who have worked in and managed programs and services in aged care, disability, early childhood and direct care. The facilitators also have strong experience in HR and planning across the sector.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide exemplary physical, empathetic, and safe care in the fast-changing direct care environment, your work setting and personal situation.
  • Understand, consider the implications of, and clarify the relationship pyramid (i.e. employer, client and caregiver) and plan to meet the (sometimes conflicting) demands and challenges of these relationships.
  • Balance the rigors of flexible schedules, record keeping and personal needs and develop a range of strategies to achieve(often conflicting) demands and requirements.
  • Understand the pressure points driving highs and lows in the workplace and move to task-based rather than time-driven work outcomes.
  • Utilise technology to assist in planning, scheduling and records management and manage virtual support strategies to ensure team support and lack of isolation.
  • Discover flexible and innovative ways to achieve your purpose, providing exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • Respect client/customer differences and provide exemplary (whole of person) care utilising a solutions-oriented approach to client/customer care.
  • Identify trigger points for, and explore ways to work positively with conflict.
  • Recognise and positively manage emotional triggers.
  • Identify and implement techniques to improve personal well being.

Designed For

  • Practitioners and frontline staff in the health, aged care, disability and Local Government sectors who work closely (often one on one) with people.
  • People who provide direct services in health, aged care, disability, early childhood and personal care.
  • Individuals looking to gain more satisfaction in the workplace and achieve their purpose.
  • Ideal Size: 6-15 participants.
  • NOTE: The depth to which the above outcomes are realised will depend on the number of course days selected; the level of participant experience and the organisational requirements.

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