Here’s Why Human Resources Professionals And Learning & Development Managers Choose Us For Their PD Solutions

CAL Corporate Solutions offers 120+ deeply customisable virtual, live, and hybrid professional development training courses, that helps:

  • You meet and exceed your individual and group KPIs,
  • Your teams overcome emerging challenges (including remote work), and
  • Your business or organisation reach new heights of growth and profitability

Does Your Team Work Remotely?

Discover How Smart Business Leaders Get Better Performance From Their Remote Working Teams

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‘Extremely well prepared and extensive program’ – M. Syker, Cognizant

Carefully Designed For Digital And In-Person Delivery

Education technology is at our core

Specialist Online Facilitators and Social Learning Exercises

To maximise education and engagement

Unique Post-Course Support Program
Ensures Your Team’s Success

We’ll ensure your team retains and implements their new knowledge

Looking For A Better Way To Train Your Team Even Though They May Be Working Remotely?

Like many Human Resources Professionals and Learning & Development Managers, are you:

  • Disappointed by generic off-the-shelf courses… and wish you could get training customised for your specific needs (including integration of your processes, values, culture, and code of conduct) without having to design and run programs yourself?
  • Tired of pushing your team to do training… and wish there was a more engaging way to help staff identify and bridge competency gaps, so they can boost their skills (and your business)?
  • Unsure how to address new and sensitive topics… and wish there were courses that overcome internal politics and maximise the adoption of new ideas and processes?
  • Concerned that your team isn’t as productive or united as they used to be… because they’re now working remotely some or all of the time?
  • Sick of paying for courses that award certificates but no real skills… and want more practical training (with follow-up support) to maximise knowledge uptake and on-the-job implementation?
  • Don’t have time for long-winded courses that take your team off the tools… and wish you could find an efficient method of training that delivers lasting, measurable outcomes?
  • Looking for remote and hybrid training that is tailored to your team’s specific needs for maximum education and engagement, so you and your team can reach your true potential?

Many HR managers and Learning & Development professionals have similar concerns. That’s why we’ve developed a Skills Accelerator Session to answer your questions and help you get the training you need for breakthrough business results.

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How Our Remote and Hybrid-Remote Training Helps You Reach Your True Potential

CAL Corporate Solutions provides more than 120+ Professional Development courses tailored for your specific needs including:

  • Courses Designed For Remote Learning:

    Unlike traditional courses that are merely repurposed for an online environment, our courses are specially designed for virtual and hybrid learning and facilitated by experienced digital trainers to maximise education and engagement.

  • Customised Content:

    While other training providers offer general, off-the-shelf content, we take time to understand your unique needs and provide customised, adaptive training that integrates your company’s processes, values, culture, and code of conduct.

  • Interactive Learning:

    Our social learning activities maximise engagement and knowledge uptake and can even be based on live scenarios in your workplace.

  • Flexible to Fit Your Schedule

    Our adaptive and efficient training fits in with your schedule, so training doesn’t get in the way of your team’s productivity.

  • Guaranteed Results:

    We provide post-course follow-up to ensure maximum implementation for guaranteed results.

In short, our training is:

  1. Engaging: Designed for online and hybrid learning
  2. Efficient: Teaches practical skills faster
  3. Effective: Guaranteed to produce measurable, lasting results
  4. Relevant: Tailored to your specific needs
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Training Programs Compared

With so many training programs being touted as the silver bullet, it can be time-consuming and confusing to compare all your options. While the right training can empower your team with skills and attitudes that propel them (and you company) towards your true potential, the wrong training interrupts your productivity and frustrates your best talent.

This table highlights just some of the benefits of CAL Corporate Solutions, so you can make an informed decision, fully aware of the important features you may be missing with other training options.

Other Training

Course Content

Generic, off-the-shelf, or targeted towards general industry needs rather than your unique needs The latest, cutting-edge course content designed and delivered by industry experts and tailored to your unique needs.

Delivery and Technical Focus

Repurposed offline content shoehorned into an online environment True “EduTech” organisation, with courses designed specifically for virtual and hybrid training, however courses can be delivered in-person


Traditional classroom teachers attempting to transition to a digital world Experienced “digital native” facilitators


Modular monologue teaching Engaging, interactive learning adaptable to include real scenarios from your workplace

Knowledge Uptake

Theoretical information that is too often soon forgotten Adoption of practical skills that propel your team in their development


Rigid content and delivery may exclude (and even offend) participants Inclusive and adaptable to cater for the diverse requirement of all participants


Push your team to ‘watch’ training so they can receive certificates of completion Engage your team through relevant, interactive training so they can master practical skills

Post-Program Support

Little to no support provided after your training is complete Comprehensive support program designed to ensure maximum implementation for guaranteed results


Variable and reliant on self-motivation of your managers and team members World-class content, designed for online learning, tailored to your unique needs, optimised for maximum engagement, and followed up for ongoing implementation to help your team reach their potential. That’s our commitment.
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People Are Talking About CAL Corporate Solutions

Thanks for faciliating such an outstanding 2 days of high calibre sales training to the Team…

J. Grima Positive Training

A well presented program that was useful for future strategy building!

J. Knight City of Glen Eira

Extremely well prepared and extensive program that has given me the tools I need to start my career!

M. Syker Cognizant

This Is Your Next Step To Unlocking Training That Helps Your Team Meet Their KPIs And Reach Their True Potential

It’s quick and easy to find out more. Book a no-obligation Skills Accelerator Session with an online education specialist during which:

  • You will get a crystal-clear picture

    …of where your team or organisation is now, including invisible skill gaps, productivity inefficiencies (including remote working), motivational vulnerabilities, employee attrition risks, and other missed opportunities across your organisation

  • You will see what other organisations are achieving

    …and begin to investigate where you’d like to be in terms of team training, leadership, productivity, organisational unity, KPI performance, and adaptability to changing opportunities.

  • You’ll discover common mistakes

    …that cost organisations millions in needless inefficiencies, staff attrition, and missed opportunities (and how to avoid these costly missteps)

  • You’ll identify obstacles

    …that may hinder your teams (and your organisation) from achieving it’s potential (and what you can do to break through these barriers)

  • And you’ll explore specific ways

    …CAL Corporate Solutions can provide remote and hybrid training that is tailored to your team’s specific needs for maximum education and engagement, so you and your team can reach your true potential

Please be assured this will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. Instead, you will receive our best personalised advice from a CAL Corporate Solutions People Performance Specialist who has years of experience helping teams and organisations close skills gaps and unlock higher levels of performance.

Naturally, you can learn from our experience and implement some of our ideas yourself (we’re happy to help in this way). But we hope to provide so much value that you see the logical benefits in joining other growing organisations as CAL Corporate Solutions clients.

In any case, you have nothing to lose. And so, we look forward to meeting you for your no-obligation, Skills Accelerator Session.

Our No Risk Guarantee:

In the very unlikely event that we do not provide 100% satisfaction to the agreed objectives and outcomes we offer a ‘no argument, no risk to you’ money back guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.