Managing Difficult & Demanding Parents


How to Communicate and Manage Problematic Parents Successfully

Have you ever experienced the following?

  • Loud, frustrated and demanding behaviours that are unsettling and leave you feeling emotionally drained?
  • Attempting to calm someone down only to find that it inflames the situation further?
  • The stress and emotion of having to keep your cool when being verbally abused?
  • Having to ‘think quickly on your feet’ when trying to defuse tension with aggressive parents?

Working in a modern school environment can be stressful but rewarding and challenging all at the same time. It is imperative that your teachers and administration staff maintain a quality of service where both parents and students feel understood and supported.

Understanding the strategies to manage parents’ expectations successfully requires strategy. Providing the teachers and administration staff with the right toolkit to navigate difficult parent dynamics is a major key to providing award-winning results.

If you want your teachers and administration staff to improve upon how they manage challenging situations then ‘Managing Difficult and Demanding Parents’ could be just the solution that is needed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to manage high-level emotional reactions to a positive outcome.
  • Effective ways to say ‘NO’ when they just won’t take no for an answer.
  • Identify the key elements of communicating and applying healthy boundaries that minimise disruption.
  • Use effective defusing techniques when things get heated or emotional.
  • Know your personal reaction triggers and work towards developing successful self-management behaviours.
  • Strategies to manage hostility face-to-face or over the phone.
  • Maintaining safe practices for all staff.
  • Identify early warning signs to be ahead of the situation.
  • Establish clear boundaries for improved working relationships.

Designed For

  • Anyone who works in a modern school environment and facilitates the process of parental communication.
  • Those who are looking for effective strategies to defuse and deal with emotional, aggressive or difficult parents.
  • Ideal Size: 6-15 participants.

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