Equip your frontline workforce with the skills to effectively manage angry, rude, abusive, threatening, and emotional people…

This breakthrough course has already given thousands of
frontline customer service professionals and team leaders
the practical skills and confidence to:

  • Identify and defuse threatening situations before they escalate
  • Remain calm and controlled when things get uncomfortable
  • Protect yourself and others from abusive customer outbursts
  • Build rapport and steer people to mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Gain the attention, respect, and cooperation of others
  • Provide exceptional service and have enough energy to do it again tomorrow
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Which of these negative behaviours
frustrate your frontline team?

If you or your team spend any time on the frontline, you’ll know what it’s like to encounter difficult customers. Sometimes people are just plain rude. Other times they are suffering difficulties, disappointments, and even illnesses that trigger their abusive behaviour. Whatever the cause, it’s vital to equip your team with the skills to manage difficult people including:

  • Demanding, impatient people who have unrealistic, inflexible expectations, and make inappropriate personal snipes that cause your team to feel intimidated and unsafe
  • Indecisive people who don’t know what they want, have a thousand questions, and change their mind anyway
  • Know-it-alls who don’t understand, refuse to listen, and blame you when what they wanted doesn’t work
  • Angry, abusive people who just get more aggressive no matter what you say or do
  • Rude, entitled people who build themselves up by tearing others down, leaving your team unnerved and emotionally scarred long after the encounter

All people-facing teams experience similar challenges. That’s why we’ve developed this unique course to equip your team with the skills to defuse emotionally charged situations and lead customers/patients to positive outcomes.

This highly practical course – customised specifically for your own frontline department – will equip your team with the skills to:

  • Build rapport (with your words, tone of voice, and body language) and steer customers towards mutually desired outcomes
  • Identify, interrupt, and extinguish angry and abusive outbursts before they have a chance to spark
  • Stop frustrating customers in their tracks and compel them to listen to you, respect you, and appreciate your advice
  • Bring rude, entitled people back down to earth without insulting them
  • Lead demanding people to accept more reasonable expectations
  • Diagnose the underlying, driving force of difficult situations so you can deal with the heart of the issue and provide an agreeable solution
  • Know and regulate your own ‘hot buttons’ so you can keep your cool in difficult situations
  • Resolve conflicts and restore trust with customers and team members

Who Is This Course For?

This course is called ‘Managing Angry, Rude, Abusive, Threatening & Emotional people’ (pronounced “MARATE”, just like “Karate”).

It is designed for:

  • Department and team leaders who are keen to protect frontline workers from abusive customer outbursts, build resilience and team morale, and improve job employee satisfaction and longevity
  • Frontline team managers looking for ways to improve phone and face-to-face customer service and boost your professional reputation
  • Managers who want to empower their teams with the skills to remain calm and positive during (and after) confrontational encounters
  • Community services personnel passionate about effectively delivering government services in diverse communities
  • Law enforcement officers looking for techniques to identify, de-escalate, and maintain respectful control in tense situations — especially when dealing with unknown and potentially dangerous citizens
  • Anybody who wants to get better at dealing with people – especially when they are acting emotionally or aggressively

Quick-facts about this course:

  • Live Face to Face, Virtual or Hybrid delivery method.
  • Delivered via power sessions, half-day, 1-day, or coaching.
  • Course content can be modified to include your department’s unique systems and processes, values, culture, and code of conduct.
  • Our facilitators have real-world expertise and come highly recommended in their areas of expertise. We guaranted the right match for your organisation.
  • Attendees receive a Certificate of Achievement to acknowledge their professional development journey.
  • This course is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

How the MARATE course gives your teams the skills and confidence to manage difficult situations and people

  • Designed for live, remote, or hybrid learning:

    Unlike traditional courses that are merely repurposed for an online environment, this course is specially designed for virtual and hybrid learning, and facilitated by experienced digital trainers to maximise education and engagement.

  • Customised Content:

    While other training providers offer general, off-the-shelf content, we take time to understand your unique needs and provide customised, adaptive training that integrates your company’s processes, values, culture, and code of conduct.

  • Interactive Learning:

    Our social learning activities maximise engagement and knowledge uptake and can even be based on live scenarios in your workplace.

  • Offerings Flexible to Fit Your Schedule

    Our adaptive and efficient training fits in with your schedule, so training doesn’t get in the way of your team’s productivity.

  • Guaranteed Results:

    We provide post-course follow-up to ensure maximum retention and implementation of knowledge for guaranteed results.

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Extremely well prepared and extensive program that has given me the tools I need to start my career!

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