Out of the Box

Leadership Edition


Leading a Culture of Innovation.

Out of the Box is a workshop style program designed to help leaders and managers break new ground and smash traditional approaches to workplace improvement

This workshop is highly practical and interactive harnessing the power of brain behaviour to shift thinking from entrenched patterns. It is filled with activities, exercises and case studies to help practically experience what it takes to lead in an innovative culture.

This program will also help to identify the key traits necessary to build an innovative team, that knows how to problem solve and adapt to change and challenges. It addresses different types of innovation styles and thinking and how these can be practically applied for breakthrough improvement.

The ‘Out of the Box’ program will help give leaders plenty of innovative strategies to improve the team’s ability to push through difficult road blocks with fresh perspective.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the drivers to create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Nurture a creative work environment that engages a whole team.
  • Identify improvement opportunities and develop the right strategies.
  • Use challenging situations to find the opportunities and new ways forward
  • Understand how leading organisations innovate and learn from them.
  • Remove blame culture and reactive practice that stifles innovation.
  • Turn ideas into products, services and process.
  • Adapt and use different innovation styles to break new ground.

Designed For

  • This workshop is relevant to leaders and managers looking for new ways to shape and lead their team.
  • It is ideally suited to those who are wanting to break free from entrenched mindsets.
  • Those who want to find methods to create fresh momentum and new cultural standards.
  • Ideal Size: 6-15 participants.

Course Inclusions…

In-Depth TNA

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Program Reports

We provide a range of evaluation methods and options to help you gain the right information and feedback to understand the return of training investment to your team and organisation.


All programs can be customised to your desired learning and skill needs. This includes activities and exercises that reflect your daily work practices, tailored content and real world scenarios.

Industry Facilitators

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Our Learning Solutions…

Remote Ready

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Fully Customisable

All training content is tailored to your specific training needs and objectives. This includes using real workplace scenarios for activities and exercises.

Social Learning Integration

With increased remote workplace challenges our workshops inetgrate social learning techniques to develop your team through connecting with each other.