Powerful Performance Reviews


The Successful Strategies to Managing Your Teams Performance.

This workshop is designed to equip both managers and teams with the necessary skills and understanding, to conduct and engage in successful performance reviews. It addresses the process of managing performance with confidence and helps to create pathways to help achieve career goals. When performance is managed properly it can be the best opportunity to develop successful, motivated and results driven people

Managers sometimes find themselves ill equipped to know how to conduct the review process and empower their staff to fulfill their performance requirements, as well as helping them on to a path of career development.

Staff can be unsure of the right way to prepare and plan for a review session. Sometimes this uncertainty results in anxiety or a lack of focus to know how to develop unified strategies, to move towards career goals.

This workshop can be conducted as a focused session for managers, or staff, to help both ends of the review process work successfully. It is designed as an interactive program to apply the learning through practical exercises, activities and role plays.

Learning Outcomes

For Managers

  • How to prepare and plan effectively for a results focused review. How to set motivating career goals and gain agreement.
  • Identify the drivers of poor performance.
  • Give encouraging feedback and discuss improvement opportunities, develop the core skills for difficult conversations.
  • Understand the psychology of motivation.
  • Facilitate and encourage feedback from staff members and conduct the performance review conversation.

For Staff

  • How to plan and prepare for a review session.
  • Actively engage with their manager in the performance review process.
  • Ask for performance feedback and discuss development opportunities.
  • Actively listen without forming judgement.
  • Provide effective feedback for their manager.
  • Reframe any negative feedback as a growth opportunity.
  • Adopt a positive mindset to the performance review process.

Designed For

  • Managers and staff needing to understand the frameworks required to achieve successful performance reviews.
  • Those wanting to understand the best practice methodology for mutual pathways for career development.
  • Ideal Size: 6-15 participants.

Course Inclusions…

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