Australian Grand Prix Corporation

Training Case Study

The Australia Grand Prix Corporation is the event management organisation behind the International Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix events held annually in Melbourne Australia.

Our Brief

The Australia Grand Prix is subsidised by its annual sponsorship program to meet its ongoing yearly budget goals. They have a dedicated sales team who are required to sell sponsorship packages to meet this goal. The brief was to provide an in-depth range of sales training to help upgrade the team’s skills to be ready for the coming sponsorship year. There was varying degree of current skills in the team which needed to be identified and then learning objectives established around the skill gap needs.

Analysis of Problem and Solution

Sponsorship is a complex sales process and requires a high level of influence skills and excellent communication with the ability to position the value of the sponsor package. We designed a customised sales training package to rollout over 5 distinct sessions to address the identified objectives and skill gaps.

Where Are They Now?

This training resulted in upgrading the knowledge and skills for each of the participants helping them to assess and adopt the most effective sales approach to match each potential sponsor. It also established a more systematic sales process enabling a more focused strategy.

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