Sydney Local Government

Training Case Study

One of the well-known municipalities in the inner Sydney region conducted a 12-month project to redesign a specific department’s leadership and team culture.

Our Brief

The brief involved a wide range of people performance issues in this department of where the team had become toxic. Many attempts to bring team cohesion and leadership to the larger department had failed resulting in very low engagement and morale with internal HR support strategies not completely solving the problem.

Analysis of Problem and Solution

The problem was two-fold.

  1. The department leader and leadership team had clear skill gaps in their ability to manage people and had not been successful in building a culture that had united purpose and positive engagement.
  2. There was little accountability to poor behaviours creating a permissive culture.

 The solution strategy had several tiers designed to bring about a complete cultural change and establish strong team performance. It addressed the drivers of the problem as well designing a new path forward for the team. This was achieved by the following:

  • Gaining buy-in with entire team by using a consultative approach to design a new team charter.
  • Coaching department and team leaders to empower a stronger visionary leadership and purpose-driven culture.
  • Providing the tools for leaders to conduct more effective accountability conversations to align behaviours to the new charter.
  • Roll out a set of focused training workshops to support the skill needs for the entire team to align to the new charter.

Where Are They Now?

The stronger leadership model and culture accelerated the entrenched toxic team members to resign and move on by their own accord. The new team was then able to function with a more open and honest communication framework and an understanding of a united set of behaviours and values.

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